Who We are...

 A group of your friends and neighbors, residents or business owners in the Channel Islands Harbor Community, has been working for the last four months to study our Harbor's long term opportunities and challenges. Now we are focused on ways we might mobilize the Community and our Government officials to effect change.

Our Purpose

  • We are committed to creating a future for the Channel Islands Community which we can all be proud.
  • Create a flourishing natural beach Community which retains a welcoming vacation destination personality
  • Work and be treated as “One Harbor Community” by the City and the County
  • Establish a Community Goverenance Model which proactively engages stakeholders in the shaping of their community.

 Forum 3 - 10/31/2015

Agenda Summary

  • CICA Review of 1998 Master Plan & 2008 Design Guidelines (20 min)
  • Survey Results (20 min)
  • How to be heard on Fisherman’s Wharf (5 min)
  • Questions and Answers (30 min) 

Presentation and Survey Results can be found in the directory to the right "Forums", click on Forums, Click on Oct 31,2015


CICA File Directory

 Nov 10th Board of Supervisors Meeting

  • Currently the Fisherman's Whard Agenda item is scheduled for 10:30am on Nov 10th, 2015
  • Please check back here for more information.
  • Nov 5th we expect the Board of Supervisor's Final Agenda to be published. 


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